Simply put, our combined years of experience and intimate knowledge of the sea will guarantee you have a fabulous time. Sure there are other charter services out there, but they cannot match us when it comes to fishing wisdom and success rate.

Recent News: Fast Cats in the Daily Mail - Mark Nelson catches a 400lb Porbeagle shark.

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About Fast Cats!

About Jerry

I’ve had a fishing rod in my hand from a very early age, and to this day I find them difficult to put down. It was my Uncle David’s influence that first got me into the sport and we used to go fishing for trout and tench in the small lakes and rivers where we lived. For my 10th birthday my other uncle bought me my first bass fishing rod and started teaching me everything he knew about catching bass; which was a huge amount as he’d been doing it for a long time.

Our trips


Bass Fishing

Over the years, we've mastered every technique available for catching bass. And the fact that each of us has our own preferred methods means that our customers stand a greater chance of catching fish...


Porbeagle Shark Fishing

Catching porbeagle sharks is a truly special and exhilarating experience, which we want people to enjoy and remember for years to come. We do so with the utmost respect for the shark...


Species Fishing / Bespoke Trips

Got a particular species of fish you want to try and catch or a particular place you want to try your hand? We can help! Our bespoke fishing trips are perfect for people who want something slightly different.


Family Days Out

Family days out are fantastic and are not only enjoyable for all involved, but also serve to strengthen bonds between family members. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up...


Corporate Days Out

Corporate days out are great for forging new relationships with potential clients. They’re also often necessary to strengthen and maintain the relationships you've already got...


Nature Trips

Cornwall is a peninsula county with two distinct coastlines. The seas around Cornwall are home to a rich diversity of marine wildlife from colourful corals to giant basking sharks.

Our boats

Flash Harry ci

Princess Delicia

The Power Cat is an 18-foot, twin-hulled boat that is licensed to carry 4 people, including its captain. It’s one of the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of skippering...

Flash Harry ci

White Cheetah

Our White Cheetah is slightly bigger than our Power Cat and provides a great deal more in terms of comfort and facilities, making it perfect for family excursions...

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