Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing

Over the years, we’ve mastered almost every technique available for catching bass. And the fact that each of us has our own preferred methods means that our customers stand a greater chance of catching fish than with any other charter service. Jerry’s like a Jedi master when it comes to fishing with live bait, such as mackerel, under a float, and catches a lot of bass in relatively shallow water, and amongst the reefs. Gary, on the other hand, tends to focus his attention on the deeper water and the hidden treasures held beneath. We’ve also done a lot of lure fishing and our combined knowledge means that we know the best places to use lures, how to best use them for maximum effectiveness, and which lures provide the biggest rewards.

Bass absolutely love the Manacles Reef and people have usually heard just how good the bass fishing is there. But you’ll only catch bass and have an enjoyable day if you’ve got the right people alongside you.

The fact that Gary can boast that he caught nine double-figure bass in one day says it all…

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