Porbeagle Shark Fishing

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Porbeagle Shark Fishing

Catching porbeagle sharks is a truly special and exhilarating experience, which we want people to enjoy and remember for years to come. However, while we open up the opportunity for people to catch these amazing fish, we do so with the utmost respect for the shark.

We’ve got our own unique technique for releasing the fish once caught, which causes minimum stress and doesn’t require T-barring. We pride ourselves on fishing for porbeagle sharks in the most humane way possible, so that future generations can continue to enjoy them. We even use special hooks that straighten when we’ve got the shark near the boat, to further reduce the fish’s ordeal and allow for a clean release.

Are we any good at it? We like to think so and if one of our recent customer’s experiences is anything to go by then we think you’ll agree. He had previously caught porbeagle sharks and boasted a personal best of around 150-pounds. With our guidance, he caught three porbeagles with a combined weight of over 1,000-pounds; the biggest of which was a whopping 400-pounds plus!


It’s these kinds of experiences that we want to give our customers. Memories that aren’t just going to last for a few days, but that will last for a lifetime.

When you catch a porbeagle shark it’s not a case of simply ‘playing’ the fish on the end of the line. It’s about hanging on for the fight of your life, which can last well over an hour in some cases. The reward and satisfaction at the end, though, is definitely worth it.

As recently reported on by the national press: Fast Cats and Mark Nelson catch a 400lb Porbeagle shark.




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