Species Fishing

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Species Fishing/Bespoke Fishing Trips

Got a particular species of fish you want to try and catch? Or a particular place you want to try your hand? We can help!

Our bespoke fishing trips are perfect for people who want something slightly different. We can take you wreck fishing, in search of big Pollack, Conga Eels or on a more generic species hunt. Tell us what you want and if it’s within our knowledge and capabilities we’ll facilitate it.

We know the Cornish coast like the backs of our hands and if anyone is going to get you on top of the fish you want to catch, it’s us.

Of course, there are other people who know some of the locations we fish, and there are days when we’ve got a string of boats following in our wake. But they’re not the ones catching the fish. We can proudly return to shore with 30 or 40 bass in our boat, while others return with nothing.

Also, we’re one of the few outfits that boast boats on both coasts (north and south) and we’re even willing to put one of our boats on a trailer and let you experience a different venue altogether. That’s how flexible we can be!

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