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Why FAST CATS FISHING? … Simply because our combined years of experience and intimate knowledge of the sea will guarantee you have a fabulous time. Sure there are other charter services out there, but they cannot match us when it comes to fishing wisdom and success rate.

Having fished both commercially and leisurely, we can target the fish that you want to catch. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you’ll catch them, but that’s the same no matter which charter service you choose. However, few of them offer ‘real fishing experiences’ like we do. Sure, you can go out on a boat with seven other anglers and wave rods up and down all day in the hope of catching a few mackerel…

But for us, that’s not fishing.

If it’s your ambition to catch a big bass or a porbeagle shark, you won’t stand a better chance of doing so than with us. We work as hard as we possibly can to provide you with the sport you’ve been looking for.

We are 100% dedicated to ensuring that you not only have the most successful days fishing possible, but also that you enjoy yourself and are safe in the process. Our fishing adventures will provide you with happy memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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